EasyAngle in Pediatrics


Infants, children and adolescents still undergoing their growth phase often require accurate measurements of range of motion during pediatric treatment. It is therefore very positive that Cindy Miles in Whitehall, US, has decided to start a study investigating the feasibility of using EasyAngle for children/infants with torticollis. The clinical study is currently on-going and will be completed next year.  

Poster Presentation at the World Congress for Physiotherapy


A study on EasyAngle, led by Veronika Lind at the Stockholm School of Sports and Health Sciences (GIH) was presented at the World Congress for Physiotherapy (WCPT) in South Africa recently. The study investigates the intra-rater reliability and validity of EasyAngle for measurement of active and passive flexion and extension in the knee. It has since attracted considerable attention within physiotherapy research and contributes to the base of clinical evidence for EasyAngle.