Study Measuring Scapular Mobility


A new study has been published by a team of researchers, led by Dr. Tim Uhl, Professor and Director of Musculoskeletal Laboratory at the University of Kentucky. The study focused on the reliability of using EasyAngle as an assessment tool for measuring scapular mobility. Prior to this, measurements of the scapula had been somewhat limited in the clinical setting. Measurements of upward rotation can be taken with an electronic inclinometer, however, reliable measurements in the transverse plane were only possible using bone-pin's and radiograph/MRI or by 3D motion and video analysis. These systems are expensive and not commonly available in clinics. Dr. Uhl had [...]

Measuring the Cobb Angle on Scoliosis


To measure the Cobb angle on scoliosis, x-ray has been the common tool for decades. For teenage girls with idiopathic adolesent scoliosis, the increased exposure to radiation from x-ray can increase their risk of developing breast-cancer or becoming infertile. It is estimated that girls will have an average of 22 x-rays during a three year treatment period. In an attempt to mitigate this risk, radiologists take the x-ray in the posteroanterior position which reduces the risk somewhat. New x-ray systems have also been developed to help reduce the radiation risk further. In some countries, school based screening programs are in place to assess for [...]

Creators of EasyAngle launch web-shop


Swedish company Meloq AB, creators of EasyAngle have launched a new web-shop for online sales of their innovative EasyAngle digital goniometer. EasyAngle was launched by Meloq in October 2016 and has been sold in over twenty countries through an extensive network of distributors. The web-shop expands availability to even more countries. Used by physical therapists to measure range of motion, the EasyAngle device provides more functionality than a simple goniometer. In fact, EasyAngle replaces multiple traditional devices including both large and small goniometers, inclinometers, scoliometers, BROM (back range of motion) devices and CROM (cervical range of motion) devices. The device has an inertial measurement [...]