Meloq Expands throughout USA


Meloq has signed a distribution agreement with Mojility Group to become the main distribution center for EasyAngle in USA. Mojility is a leading supplier of rehabilitation equipment and works through a nationwide network of distributors. To locate local distribution partners, visit www.mojilitygroup.com EasyAngle is also represented by Zepf Medical in the New York area.

EasyAngle Launched in France


At Rééduca, the annual physiotherapist exhibition held in Paris, EasyAngle received a very warm welcome by professionals in the fields of physiotherapy and well-being in France. During the product's launch at the trade-show, our exclusive distributor Sissel France, did a fantastic job of presenting the product to more than 12,000 visitors. Thank you to all participants of the exhibition who purchased EasyAngle, and we look forward to a successful year in France!